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Dive deep into the journey of our organization. From humble beginnings, we have consistently prioritized integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our story is one of passion, commitment, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Discover the values that drive us and the milestones that define our path.

HYMERI Metals LLC: Challenge and Success in Regional Metallurgy.

HYMERI Metals LLC is a member of HYMERI Group, working with KMGR, a team of high profile executives and specialized MSc En- gineers in the field of metal constructions, operates an integrat- ed sheet metal manufacturing plant in Kosovo. HYMERI Metals LLC operates the manufacturing plant in the city of Pristina, taking advantage of the favorable business situation and strategic location of Kosovo in Balkan region. The complete plant will be operating in an area of 40.000 m2 in an industrial building of 2.500 m2.

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At Hymeri Metals, we look beyond the boundaries of traditional commerce to bring solutions that positively impact the lives of people and the communities we operate in. Every deal, every product, and service we offer is the result of a vision aimed at building a better world of trade. With a dedicated team and a strategy oriented towards continuous change and improvement, we are proud to serve as a bridge between clients, partners, and new opportunities. Thank you for choosing to walk side by side with us on this journey.

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Measurement and Optimization

Measuring and determining the dimensions of metals and efficiently planning them to minimize material expenditure.


Sketching and planning shapes, components, or metallic structures using CAD software.


Cutting metals into specified sizes and shapes using a CNC machine (laser cutting machine), which offers high precision and clean cuts for various types of materials and thicknesses up to 20mm.


Using the press brake machine to shape and bend metal in specific ways with high accuracy.


Joining metal parts by melting a filler material to create a strong bond.


Applying a layer of paint onto metal for aesthetics and added protection against environmental impacts.


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Our team is a prime example of tireless work and dedication. They are willing to make sacrifices and work under challenging conditions to achieve their goals, appreciating every moment and relishing the success.

Nektarios Kazantzis


Pellumb Stublla

Metal Sheet Designer / Mechanical Operator

Amir Hetemi


Qanie Loku

Quality controll


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